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    Find out what your piano is really worth.

    Discover the actual appraised value of your piano today. Appraisal is the way to determine a used piano’s value. Have Cary Piano Tuning get your appraisal  for your piano.Like most cars, pianos are neatly categorized and valuated by year, make, model and condition. But at times you may want or need a written appraisal to prove that value under certain conditions.
    An appraisal prevents you from selling your piano for too little or paying too much for one. Tried of trying to sell your piano on Free listing sites with little or poor results. Sell your piano for what it is really worth.
    Written Appraisals are needed for such purposes such as:
    Estate Tax
    Damage Claims
    Damage Claims
    Tax Deductions
    Community Property
    Many factors affect a piano’s value including: It’s geographic location, age, condition of the piano cabinet, structure and inner parts, and the eagerness of the potential buyer (or seller.)
    Cary Piano Tuning can provide the necessary signed written forms for all of the above. Henry Glasgow has over 30 years experience Buying Pianos, Selling Pianos, and appraising Pianos.
    Call Cary Piano Tuning today to schedule an Appraisal  919-961-2888

     Call Cary Piano Tuning today to schedule
    an Appraisal  919-961-2888

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